Wildlife tracking platform

Our loggers carry a range of sensors which will help you track the animals and its behaviour in detail

Solar powered GPS-GSM loggers

Suitable for various birds and mammals

Dedicated software platform for data management and analysis

Our development focuses on

GPS-GSM loggers

Using solar energy powered GPS-GSM devices.

Our loggers carry a GPS, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a barometer and a temperature sensor.

Weight of GSM devices starts at 17g.

Dedicated software

ANITRA platform facilitates effective project and data management.

Its features include a dashboard for Anitra device pool, telemetry project management, flexible integration of telemetry and sensor data from various sources, fieldwork support, and event-based warnings.

IoT-based solutions

Innovative, affordable and fit for purpose solutions employing IoT communication protocols (LORA, SigFox, NBIoT).

Sensor data from tracked animals are collected by public or custom IoT gateways.

Fully automated transmission to our servers (areas with suitable network coverage). Manual upload of previously locally stored data (remote areas without network coverage).

ANITRA devices and software help you to monitor and better understand wildlife behavior.
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