Anitra Web Platform

a single place for all the projects and devices

about the tool

  • dashboard for Anitra device pool
  • telemetry project management with elaborated data distribution scheme
  • data visualisation in maps, timeline, grids, animations and graphs
  • field support functionality
  • data feeds from other data sources
  • web application (no instalation needed)


  • Dashboard for Anitra devices
  • status overview of active devices
  • device configuration management interface
  • customer financials (communication charges and payments)
  • Data visualisation and analysis

GPS and sensor data in maps, timelines, grids, and graphs

  • map view: points, paths, movement animation etc
  • detailed data visualization functionality in profiles (complex table - map - timeline view)
  • combined view of multiple tracked animals in the main map functionality
  • advanced data analysis and automated post processing (e.g. mortality warnings, geolocation, data clustering, filtering or correction etc.)
  • Telemetry project management

Core of Anitra platform is constituted by complex project management and sharing functionality. It allows defining access rights to particular objects at very detailed way.

  • the concept of devices and trackings (i.e animals) allows the possible split of device data into more tracked individuals and masking irrelevant data (before/after the actual tracking of the animal)
  • custom filters allow group the devices and trackings into "projects"
  • rich Device and Animal metadata (including dates, IDs, species, sex or age classification)
  • Tracking/animal related photo galleries, attachments
  • Elaborated data distribution scheme including admin management configuration rights , rule-based sharing and ON-line web publishing
  • advanced data filtering available when sharing or publishing data - (e.g midnight positions only, security zones ( trimmed paths or blurred positions when near to the nest), location based sharing (e.g active data for animals currently in a particular country are dynamically shared and displayed with local teams)
  • event triggered warnings and notification (e.g. new data delivered, mortality detected or recent close up to POI)
  • Fieldwork support functionality

Anitra hosts a wide range of tools which support efficient work in the field (checking the animal, looking up the dead individuals, photo documentation etc.).

  • current user position in Anitra tracking map together with device data
  • auto clustering of scatterd GPS positions (e.g. when localizing the logger / dead animal)
  • saving user tracking data such as Points and Tracks in user folder for further use or sharing with others
  • requesting onetime communication ahead (e.g. data to be updated when visiting the locality)
  • Data processing and Integration
  • real-time data collection and analysis of ANITRA native data
  • ON-line data feeds from other device producers ready to use (Onitela, Ecotone etc)
  • flexible manual integration of datasets from various other sources and formats (Argos, flat file, KML etc.
  • data export functionality (csv, xlsx, kmz, gpx, movebank)
  • Custom Points of Interest (POIs) database building

Users can build and share their own databases of POIs (Points of Interest) and use it for advanced data visusalisations or “geofencing” with Anitra transmitters

  • naturally arises as a by-product of device/animal metadata completion enrichment process
  • advanced use: intentionally and systematically gathered geolocation data of various types
  • existing external databases (e.g. nests, mortality places, migratory bottlenecks, wind parks/turbines etc) can also be integrated and used
  • POIs can be used for advanced geofencing onboard of tracking devices, as support map layer while displaying tracking data or to trigger a notification when TO is approaching or leaving the area of interest (e.g. start of migratory movement)
  • Public map output (map iframe functionality)

A functionality by which you can present your telemetry results to general public in an attractive and controled way using simplified maps with embedded photos and logos. Main features:

  • various background map layers
  • custom names, order and colors of presented tracks
  • embedded fotogallery related to dispalyed objects
  • logos of project partners including links to their web sites
  • output as a link to map iframe and/or in form of HTML code which can be simply embedded in the organisations website
  • security features such as limit on map zoom level, filtered and rounded positions, update delay etc.